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[8 Dec 2023 | No Comment | 2,833 views]
How can I Repair my Bad Credit Fast?

Having Credit Problems is the furthest thing from fun. People who find themselves mired in those problems only want to find a way to get out and they want to get out fast.

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[7 Dec 2023 | 2 Comments | 6,206 views]
5 Tips to Boost Your FICO Score

Your credit score or FICO is very important as you are defined by this ever changing number attached to your name. It can affect your ability to get a loan, your chance of getting a job and even increase the interest rate you pay.

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[5 Dec 2023 | No Comment | 1,860 views]
Secrets on How to get High Credit Scores

Have you ever wondered what do you have to do to have a super-high credit score? FICO has published a report on those it considers “high achievers,” or those with FICO scores of 785 or higher.

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[3 Dec 2023 | One Comment | 4,514 views]
Raising Credit Scores for Home Loans

While most mortgage applicants know a good credit score is a key element for a loan approval, not everyone realizes raising your credit score by even a few points can make the difference between qualifying for a mortgage or not. In addition, if you are applying for a conventional mortgage rather than an FHA-insured home loan, you can pay a lower interest rate if you are able to boost your credit score into the next level.

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[2 Dec 2023 | No Comment | 1,683 views]
Loophole to Foreclosure and Get Your Home Back

Loophole to beat foreclosure by failing to pay your mortgage does not usually end up with you outright owning your home. In fact, that’s usually the exact opposite of what happens but a New Jersey man defaulted on his mortgage and ended up retaining ownership of his home, by court order.