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[5 Dec 2020 | No Comment | 2,073 views]
How to Remove Medical Debt From Your Credit Report

When an individual gets into a serious accident or incurs a large sum of medical bills from an illness, it can be hard to repay the debts before the hospital turns the debts over to a collection agency. Once the debts are at a collection agency, they are placed as line items on that individual’s credit report.

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[3 Dec 2020 | 2 Comments | 6,206 views]
5 Tips to Boost Your FICO Score

Your credit score or FICO is very important as you are defined by this ever changing number attached to your name. It can affect your ability to get a loan, your chance of getting a job and even increase the interest rate you pay.

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[25 Nov 2020 | No Comment | 3,172 views]
How to get a Mortgage Loan With a Low Credit Score

Home ownership is a part of achieving the American dream. For many, the only thing standing between them and owning a home is a low credit score. Lenders rely heavily on FICO Scores when determining whether to fund a mortgage — low credit scores equate to high risk. Still, it isn’t impossible to get a mortgage with a low credit score.

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[16 Nov 2020 | 2 Comments | 11,991 views]
Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Credit Bureau Contact Information

A credit bureau gathers information about how consumers use credit. In other words, they collect information from as many consumer financial transactions or inquiries as they can. They then sell access to that combined information to anyone who has a legally-recognized reason (permissible purpose).

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[15 Nov 2020 | One Comment | 7,460 views]
How Much Does an IRS Tax Lien Lower Your Credit Score?

According to Experian.com, an unpaid tax lien will most definitely affect your credit score negatively. How much, however, varies since Experian notes that it depends on an individual’s overall track record of paying bills on time. The important thing is to find ways to get the IRS lien paid before considering options you have that can remove a current or old and paid lien from your credit score.