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[28 Feb 2024 | One Comment | 4,246 views]
The Secrets Collection Agencies use for Collecting on Bad Debts

Collection agencies have been doing it for years — collecting on a consumers bad debt who’s essentially said they won’t pay. Even the most hopeless of bad debts can be collected on — here are six of their secrets.

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[15 Jan 2024 | One Comment | 3,445 views]
Not Paying Library Fines can Hurt Your Credit Score

Years ago, owing the library a few dollars wasn’t a big deal. Today, with local budgets in a pinch, everyone is trying to find ways to make more money and fund valuable community services.

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[1 Jul 2012 | No Comment | 18,994 views]
The Worst Collection Agencies who Skirt the Law on Zombie Debt

Collection agencies can be found in two different forms: in-house collection and third-party collection. The in-house collection agencies are most often the billing department for a credit agent or large firm which offered time payments. These are used to collect money while keeping the collection costs low and within the company. Most often this will be the first collection attempt you will come across.