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[10 Jul 2019 | No Comment | 3,813 views]
Citi is another Credit Card That is Offering Free Credit Scores

Citi is another credit card that is offering free credit scores in the latest financial institution perks to give customers free credit scores through the FICO Open Access program, FICO announced, making it the largest participant in the program that will be available to more than 60 million consumers in 2015.

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[4 Jul 2019 | One Comment | 4,211 views]
Is a FICO Score the Same as my Credit Score?

A FICO Score is a brand of credit score — FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation and Fair Isaac is the company that developed the software program used by the credit bureaus to compile and calculate credit scores for U.S. consumers.

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[8 Oct 2014 | One Comment | 7,908 views]
How to Raise and Increase Your FICO Score 100 Points

Your credit score is used by lenders to determine if you can get a mortgage loan and what interest rate they will charge you.  It is also used to obtain a car loan, cell phone contract –- even employers and landlords check it!  This is a precious 3 digit number you should try your best to protect.

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[28 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 4,834 views]
Credit Karma Scam?

So, you can get your TransUnion Credit Score for free? You can get absolutely free credit monitoring? These are services that people pay good money for and Credit Karma, a company that isn’t affiliated with any of the credit bureaus, is giving it away for free. Does this sound too good to be true or is Credit Karma a scam?

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[11 Oct 2012 | One Comment | 18,195 views]
Wells Fargo Offering Customers Free Credit Score and Free Credit Report

Wells Fargo & Co said it will launch two initiatives to encourage consumers to take charge of their credit situations.